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We all hate a clogged drain. Not being able to flush your toilet or drain your sink or dishwasher is a huge inconvenience and should be avoided. Most people do not know that clogged drains could present serious dangers. The drain pipes in your home or business are a very important component of your plumbing system. When working properly, they carry away the dirty waste. When your drains are clogged or backed up, your entire plumbing system can become compromised. Backed up and clogged drains strain your entire septic system which causing fatigue under the pressure. When drains become clogged or damaged and stop working properly that unsanitary waste water ends up right where you don’t want it!

Harmful Results of a Clogged Drain

Overflowing: If your toilet is clogged, restrooms could overflow. A toilet overflow could present a danger that could put your family at risk of sickness or even worse. The debris in a toilet overflow can contain feces that could result in serious illnesses, your bathroom could face mold, structural damage, and much, much worse.

Mold: The humid Texas Gulf Coast is a hot bed for mold to grow. In overflow situations resulting from a clogged drain, mold growth is a serious problem. Leaking pipes and clogged drains can cause dripping to surrounding areas that could weaken the integrity of the structures around the clogged pipes. In addition, there are many respiratory issues that mold can cause. No matter how minor the clogged drain may be, it is best to call in the experts to unclog your drains and reduce any collateral damage.

Sewer Gas: One of the worst side effects of a clogged drain is the buildup of sewer gas. Drain pipes that flow properly flush away toxic sewer gases found in septic systems and sewers. If clogged drains are left unattended, you could be in major trouble. This build up can cause minor sicknesses and in the extreme cases explosions or fires cause by the ignition of sewer gas.

The Benefits Of Keeping a Clean Drain

Nothing is worse that dirty waste water coming back through your drains while washing dishes, brushing your teeth, or taking a shower. When drains go unattended, accumulated debris can clog drains leading to problems. Our drain cleaning maintenance can break up debris, flush your sewer system leaving you free of obstructions that can cause problems to your pipes. With drain line locating, drain line repairs and drain line replacements, you get a full line of options that will keep your home safe and your pipes clean.

Got Clogged Drains? Need Drains Cleaned?

Call Island Mann Plumbing Now before the problem gets worse and more costly to repair. Our master plumbers are ready to remove the headache that clogged drains can cuase with back up and slow draining can cause. Call 409-655-4088 today, or fill out the information below and let us schedule a time to clean those drains and sewer pipes.


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