Enjoy the Convenience and Endless Savings of a Tankless Hot Water Heater

If a tankless water heater is what your looking for, then you’ve come to the right place!  There has been a lot of bad press in recent years about tankless water heaters. We have heard that they are “not reliable”, “didn’t work”, or “not user friendly”.  The truth is that tankless water heaters are a great product.  The problem usually lies with the installation. First you need to start with good quality units.  Then you need to determine what size tankless you need.  Finally, proper installation is crucial, especially when it comes to the proper gas line sizing.  This is because, while they do use less energy, the gas must be delivered quickly when it is needed.  Most tanked water heaters have existing 1/2″ gas lines which are insufficient for most tankless water heaters, and may require a new gas line.

Which is better for me, Tankless or Tanked Hot Water Heater?

To better understand the difference between these two options, watch this quick video from Rheem.com. (A leading manufacturer of hot water heaters)

Top Reason to Switch To a Tankless Hot Water Heater:

  • Maximize Hot Water: Load the washer, start the dishwasher and still have enough hot water to enjoy a relaxing hot bath
  • Enjoy Instant Hot Water: Choose a Tankless Water Heater With Built In Recirculation Pump or add a recirculation pump kit for instant hot water at the faucet
  • Minimize Cold Water Bursts: It pumps water through the heat exchanger in an internal loop so it’s ready for back-to-back hot water needs
  • Save On Energy Costs: Tankless water heaters only produce hot water when you need it, so they save energy and money all the time
  • Expand The Lifetime of Your Hot Water Heater: With proper maintenance, your tankless hot water heater can last twice and sometimes three times as long as a traditional tank water heater systems

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