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Your garbage disposal is not a centerpiece in the kitchen, but when it is not working, it is crucial to repair quickly. Your garbage disposal makes food prep and clean up much easier, and when that process is interrupted, it can make your life inconvenient rather quickly. This concealed lifesaver for even the novice of chefs, it effectively keeps kitchen clean up efficient. However, sometimes your garbage disposal need repair. The list of potential issues that can go wrong with your garbage disposal can include jammed blades, seals leaking, clogs and electrical problems. Luckily, our seasoned plumbing experts can diagnose and repair many garbage disposal problems quickly. Not only do we make the repair, but we evaluate what caused the problem to begin with. Most garbage disposal issues are caused by misuse or a worn out component on your garbage disposal.

A common problem with your disposal is that it simply won’t turn on. This usually means that the motor needs to be reset. There is a red button on the bottom of your disposal. Simply press it, and your disposal should start working again.

If disposal sounds jammed, the disposal should have came with an allen wrench that you can insert into the center of the disposal and turn it clockwise. This should unjam the disposal and function properly.

Garbage disposal clogs and jams are usually the result of fibrous materials like celery or starchy items like potato skins. These substances can build up over time in the drain lines or around the impeller blades which prevent water from draining properly.

Hard items like fruit pits or citrus rind can get caught behind the blades and stop them from spinning. This kind of clog causes the flywheel to disengage with the motor. You can tell this has happened due to the whirring sound. Typically removing the jammed material will resolve the problem.

Leaking gaskets and seals are indications of a worn-out disposal or a unit that was improperly installed. Depending on the disposal model sometimes a worn out seal can be more expensive to replace than a new unit. Burnt-out motors and electrical shorts are not worth fixing. (most of the times these type of malfunctions reoccur)

Garbage Disposal Maintenance

To keep your garbage disposal functioning properly, there are a few things that you can do that can extend the life of your appliance. First, and most likely the most important tip is to only use your disposal for what it is intended for. Greasy foods, bones and stringy foods should never go down your garbage disposal drain. To keep your blades sharp, run a few ice cubes down it every month or so.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Leaking? Not Working? Or Clogged?

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